Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?

Ever wondered why soccer players wear bras? It’s not that they’re planning a quick outfit change during half-time.

The reason is that compression tops help track their heart rate, burning calories, work rate to keep their muscles warm, improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of injury.

The tops are made from an elasticated material that hugs the skin, giving it a ‘second skin’ feel. The tightness of the top restricts movement in the muscles and increases blood flow, helping to get oxygen to the muscles faster. They also absorb sweat and moisture, helping to keep you dry and comfortable during play.

Why Footballers Wear Sports Bras

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?
Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?

The so-called GPS bras are widely used in professional football clubs. They’re employed in training or practice matches. These bras record the physical data and the motions on the pitch. It’s simpler to see how fast the player is traveling, where he’s going, what his heart rate is, and so on.

It has nothing to do with what you believe should have to do with it. The sports bra doubles as a GPS tracker chest vest. Catapult Sports provides all the required numbers for a trainer or team’s data scientists to track an athlete’s performance. All data points are captured quickly, allowing researchers to examine heart rate, explosion rate, and the amount of energy expended with each movement. This is significant because if a coach wants a player to move at a certain speed, they can be certain that the athlete will expend more energy than is required.

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Players’ energy levels must often be controlled during the rehab process to run well. This vest will track the mileage and how much energy was expended on the pitch, even if the footballer only needs to run 1 mile throughout their workout. A typical issue that trainers and physical therapists look for is lower body energy, exertion, and maximal output.

Athletes frequently desire to go back on the field as soon as possible during the rehabilitation process. They will go to any length to return to the location, even if it means breaking the law.

When Antonio Brown was injured during training camp, we noticed that he was only scheduled to work on HBO’s Hard Knocks for 75% of the time. Players with a powerful motor who don’t know how to slow down will always exert maximum effort. When rehabbing, it’s critical to keep the explosion to a minimum so that the incision, ligament, or bone can recover.

What Does The GPS Device Do Inside Of The Sports Bra?

The first and most obvious reason is that footballers aren’t allowed to wear anything during the field of play. The second reason is that the wearable chest vest is ten times more accurate than the regular wearable watch. According to Ryan Watkins, director of Business Ops for Catapult:

“Most GPS watches only record at one hertz. So one time per second. Suppose you think of what an elite athlete can do in one second. In that case, it’s pretty significant,” said Ryan Watkins, Director of Business Operations for Catapult, the company at the helm of this technology. Collecting data one time per second is inaccurate — especially when tracking superstar athletes like Thomas Müller or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Catapult system tracks at 10Hz. “So you’re getting ten data points per second. You’re getting a much more sophisticated system to increase the accuracy.”

Superstar athletes, as previously said, can turn on a dime, explode out of their stance, and perform many moves in a split second. It’s critical to be able to acquire data points at every movement. These data points aren’t just operating for the duration of the match; they’re also working at a rate of 10 data points per second. This means you can keep track of every step and rapid movement an athlete makes during a game.

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Coaches and trainers can also follow a heat map to see where the injury happened on the pitch and where the player is expected to become less explosive as the game progresses. All of these data points can help a player improve their game. Footballers can also use these sports bras to become more aware of their need to develop. Players can be more conscious of sprinting less in the first half and more in the second half by looking at a heat map and individual data points. All of these procedures are taken by coaches and trainers to prevent injuries.


When footballers work out, they don’t wear sports bras; instead, they wear a tracking gadget that offers numerous data points for the team’s data scientists and trainers. The tracking vests, which resemble a sports bra, help keep football players healthy and productive. These vests result from a new wave of scientific research that aims to help athletes rehab smarter and more efficiently. Professional athletes frequently wear these vests. Some vests, however, can be purchased separately to assist even younger athletes in keeping track of their labor output. Data is omnipresent, and when used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for athletes who need to load and unload at the right times.

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