What does Evan Rachel Wood have to do with Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp's trial?

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Just yesterday, Eve Barlow compared friend Amber Heard’s trial defeat to Evan Rachel Wood’s situation by saying the Westworld actress was next. Immediately, that sounded like a threat that also made everybody wonder what she meant. Allow us to explain the full situation and why this correlation between this actress and the most famous trial of the last 20 years is important.

First of all, the initial intention of Barlow was to point out at all the Youtube celebrity gossip accounts that are profiting on Amber Heard’s mishaps. She specifically spoke about That Umbrella Guy’s account. However, things took a turn when she mentiined actress Evan Rachel Wood in her tweets by saying ‘she is next’.

That’s where the correlation comes because Evan Rachel Wood has also been sued by a famous celebrity she accused of sexual assault. We are talking about rockstar Marilyn Manson, who was also accused by Evan Rachel Wood of making her drink his blood. The musician’s legal team has been working non-stop to find any information that can affect their client in any way.

Manson vehemently denies any accusation coming from the actress and a trial could happen in the future due to this lawsuit his team presented. Legally named Brian Warner, he alleges that Rachel Wood and Illma Gore (described as Wood’s ‘on-again, off-again romantic partner) conspired to publicly cast him as a rapista and abuser. These accusations have derailed Manson’s successful music, TV, and film career. This is exactly where the two cases are connected.

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson fight to revive their careers.

If these lawsuits go to trial, there is a good chance the actual truth about Wood and Manson will come out. Johnny Depp only has the precedent of Amber Heard accusing him or sexual assault. Unlike Brian Warner, who has been sued by former assistant Ashley Walters for the same crime plus battery and harassment. Also, model Morgan Smithline seeks damages for sexual assault, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Manson is vehemently denying all of these accusations by stating they were “cynically and dishonestly seeking to monetize and exploit the #MeToo movement”. Eve Barlow is comparing these two cases but it’s still unclear if a trial between Wood and Manson will end with a similar outcome to Heard vs Depp. The context of both cases are very different.

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