Shakira looks despondent over Gerard Piqu's scandalous double life

Since last month, Shakira and the couple with whom she lived together for 12 years have opted to go their separate ways after it came to light that Gerard Piqu and his apparent affair with a younger woman

The elusive desire to keep on partying

For the Colombian singer there was no other alternative but to cut, as she knew that this episode was just one of the many that the soccer player built during the days of his absence for work or travel to visit his family in South America.

According to the investigation of evidence and the collection of testimonies, several media in Spain coincide in pointing out that the defender of FC Barcelona enjoyed a life of debauchery. Once the lights went out at Piqu’s house, he would escape to exclusive night clubs where he liked to spend thousands of euros accompanied by beautiful escorts, but he always did it under the cover of darkness arriving by cab and entering the places through secondary doors to go unnoticed.

Blow to trust

Undoubtedly, as more reports have flowed, the damage is increasing for the pride and self-esteem of Shakira, who this weekend learned that her ex-partner was captured in Stockholm, Sweden, accompanied by a blonde-haired woman.

The news has been hard, and proof of this is that recently the interpreter was photographed driving home to Barcelona, but on her face the big absent was her usual smile, as she looked dejected.

While it is true that there is no document that ties her to Gerard, the two children they have will force them to be in contact, because even if she decides to leave Spain, she must temporarily give up the infants. And although there is already talk that the whole family will move to Miami, Florida, for a woman like Shakira it is not pleasant for her to live with someone who violated all her trust.

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