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Warriors and Celtics resume the 2022 NBA Finals today. A 1-1 series comes to Boston’s TD Garden after Golden State rallied to tie the series in Game 2, having let go of a 12-point deficit early in the fourth period of Game 1.

Celtics won the first meeting by a score of 120-108 in San Francisco, California, but the home team bounced back in Game 2 to win 107-88.

Can the Warriors win on the road?

The Warriors rediscovered their defensive strength to win the second game, limiting Boston to 88 points, their lowest total in the postseason.

The first two games were decided by double digits, but courtesy of two blowouts: Boston’s 40-16 in the fourth period of Game 1 and the Warriors’ 35-14 in the third period of Game 2. Golden State leads 5-3 in winning streaks 164-154 after taking away the two periods that tipped the scales in the first games in the Bay Area.

A return to San Francisco is already guaranteed, but it would be a considerable surprise if there were not at least a Game 6.

Game 3, a key in NBA Finals history

The 39 previous times the teams have split wins in the first two games of the Finals, the winner of Game 3 has taken the series 82.1 percent of the time (32-7).

“We always know how to find a way to win games no matter the style, lots of points, few points, defensive battle, point fight, whatever,” Golden State point guard Stephen Curry said.

“We found another level of determination, the ability to find a way to get it done,” he added.

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