MLS Transfer Window 2022

MLS Transfer Window 2022

You might not know this, but the league we all love also has two transfer windows every year. Yes, I’m talking about Major League Soccer. We’re going to go over exactly what they are and when they happen in this article so that you can always stay up-to-date and never miss a signing.

Major League Soccer has two transfer windows; The primary and the secondary transfer window. The primary window opens a month before the season starts, while the secondary will fall later. COVID19 has created a lot of irregularities, so it’s difficult to establish both will fall. 

The transfer windows are when MLS teams can formally register any new players who were previously under contract with clubs outside of the league and who require an International Transfer Certificate (ITC). While deals can be reached outside of these times, a transfer and the acquisition of an ITC are required to officially add a player to a team and make him eligible for official tournaments.

All in-season trades between MLS clubs must take place within these transfer windows. Any transfer or agreement outside the window is rendered null and void.

When Will The 2022 MLS Season Start?

The 2022 Major League Soccer season will kick off on Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022.

That marks the earliest start to an MLS season, designed to align with the 2022 international soccer calendar, which will see the World Cup begin in Qatar on Nov. 21.

The full 2022 regular-season schedule will be announced later this year.

Schedule format

  • All teams will play a 34-game regular season – 17 home games and 17 away games
  • All teams will face each of their conference opponents twice and play eight non-conference opponents once
  • The MLS regular season schedule will consist of all weekend matches except five or fewer midweek matches – targeting one each in May, June, and July, and two in August. The midweek match dates for each team will not be scheduled in consecutive weeks.
  • MLS will seek to avoid scheduling matches during the FIFA international windows in March, June, or September – only at a team’s request will MLS consider scheduling a match during the March window, or during the second weekend of the June double window

Conference alignment

  • Both the Eastern and Western Conferences will have 14 teams
  • Charlotte FC will compete in the Eastern Conference as they join MLS in 2022
  • Nashville SC will move to the Western Conference

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