How Many Points Is A Goal Worth In Soccer?

How Many Points Is A Goal Worth In Soccer?

This question is a little bit confusing. You see, the number of points that a player makes in soccer varies from team to team. Each team has different rules and regulations in place, which determine how many points are awarded for certain things.

For example, if a player scores a goal in soccer, they will be awarded one point. However, if an own goal occurs, the player who scored it will receive two points since it counts as their own goal.

So, if you are wondering how many points a player gets for scoring a goal, it depends on what kind of game you’re playing! If you’re playing an American football game or even an international soccer game (where teams play each other twice), scoring goals doesn’t matter much – only assists do!

However, if you’re playing against an English football team (where teams play each other once), scoring goals matters much more than just assists – especially when it comes down to deciding which side wins!

How many points for a soccer goal, then?

For each goal scored in soccer, only one point is awarded, and this point is referred to as a “goal.” Soccer has a very straightforward scoring system. No matter how a goal is scored, it is worth one point.

In other words, regardless of how difficult the goal was to score, the type of goal scored in soccer does not provide any additional benefit to the team that scored it. A penalty goal, which is one of the most straightforward ways to score in soccer, has the same impact on the game’s total score as, say, an overhead kick.

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Even though scoring a goal from an overhead kick is far more difficult than scoring a goal from a penalty kick, both goals contribute the same number of points to the game’s final total.

However, some types of goals in soccer are worth a little bit more than others; these goals are known as “away goals,” and they are only crucial during a two-legged soccer match.

However, here’s a short and easy explanation for you.

In simple terms, a two-legged match is a contest between two soccer clubs in which the winner is decided by combining the results of two soccer matches rather than simply one. On their soccer pitch, each participating team will play one match.

A goal scored by a team on their opponent’s soccer pitch is known as an “away goal.” When it comes to two-legged competitions, these goals are more important.

Now that you’ve learned more about 2-legged matches, it’s time to tackle the article’s major question.

How many points is an away goal worth in 2-legged soccer matches?

When it comes to determining the number of points on the scoreboard for each of the opposing clubs, an away goal during a two-legged contest is still only worth one point. If the aggregate of some of the matches is a tie, the number of away goals can determine the winner of the two-legged contest.

In basic terms, if the aggregate sum of the two matches in a two-legged competition is a draw, the team that has scored more “away goals” wins the two-legged match.

This means that the away goals have more significance than common goals during a 2-legged soccer match.

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You can check the article linked above to learn more about what happens if both teams end up having the same number of away goals. With that said, let’s move on to the next section.

Why do soccer players bother to score brilliant goals if they are only worth one point?

When we talk about how the soccer scoring system works, one valid question that comes to mind is why do soccer players sometimes put themselves in danger merely to score a spectacular goal that is only worth one point in a match?

The solution is straightforward.

A great soccer goal is extremely valuable to the player who scores it and the player’s and club’s fans.

Soccer fans are very appreciative of and supportive of players who score spectacular goals. The more spectacular goals a soccer player scores, the more attention they receive from the media and fans.

It’s also important to remember that soccer is all about entertainment, and it’s the players’ job to excite the crowd and keep them coming back for more. But how do soccer players keep the crowd entertained? They amuse them by giving it their all to score spectacular goals that keep the spectators on their toes. Goals scored from a significant distance or goals made with spectacular acrobatic maneuvers (such as the overhead kick) are highly regarded by the spectators.

Soccer’s “beautiful game” is defined by these types of goals. Soccer players and soccer clubs both understand that to keep the game entertaining, they must give it their all, regardless of what the soccer regulations encourage them to do.

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With that said, I’ll draw a close to this piece. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ve just read.


Unlike many other popular sports, a goal in soccer is only worth one point regardless of how it was scored. Goals that are difficult to score provide no benefit to the team that scores them other than boosting their score total by one during the game.

During two-legged soccer matches, away goals are more important than other goals. In the event of a tie in a two-legged soccer match, the number of away goals scored by each team might be used to break the tie.

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