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Just how Kylian Mbappe came to the decision to stay with Paris Saint-Germain is unclear for the moment, yet it is one which Real Madrid simply didn’t see coming, however questions are being asked over just how much influence former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, had over the choice.

Sarkozy is a regular visitor to the Parc des Princes now his political career at the highest level is over, although just how close he has grown to the French forward of late is interesting.

According to a report published by RMC Sport, it is suggested that Sarkozy had turned into a de-facto advisor to the former Monaco prodigy in recent months.

“They’ve been talking to each other for months and months,” a relative of Sarkozy told RMC.

“The President talks regularly with Kylian by phone.

“He is also with him after matches, but I’ve also seen players in his office on Rue de Miromesnil.”

It hasn’t only been Sarkozy who has put pressure on Mbappe to remain in France, with current incumbent Emmanuel Macron also insisting that he too played a leading role in convincing the player.

Mbappe was urged not to give up on PSG challenge

One of the main factors in tempting Mbappe to stay was the fact he hasn’t delivered the Champions League to the Parc des Princes, with the club suffering humiliation after humiliation in the tournament of late.

According to information released by RMC Sport, Mbappe was told by Sarkozy not to leave until he had brought the European Cup to the French capital.

“You haven’t won the European Cup with Paris,” he is reported to have told Mbappe.

“The others [Real Madrid] have won it 13 times.

“You are a man of challenges.”

It is precisely this challenge that Mbappe will now set about overcoming, with his added influence into transfer decisions and coaching appointments.

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